Parent Testimonial: 2008 – 2012 Ali has created a truly magical place at the Bunny Gardens.  My children have both happily attended the Bunny Gardens for multiple years now and have looked forward to going each day.  Ali is masterful with what she does there and the children and parents alike just love her!  I highly recommend setting up a visit to see for yourself just what a lovely and magical place it is – you won’t be disappointed!  – Melinda Buchanan

Child (Girl) Testimonial 2008 – 2012 – I like Ali a lot, I like the toys, and I like outside because it’s fun!  And there’s a Bunny Beach – I like playing in the sand with the toys.  I like playing in the purple kid pool with the toys too.  – Aven – Age 6

Child (Girl) Testimonial 2010 – 2012 – I love the bunnies and the cat!  I love playing with the water fountain in the kid pool and I like seeing my friends – they’re really nice and they like playing!  – Gwendolyn – Age 4

Parent Testimonial 2012 – My daughter had some anxiety about the idea of school (we visited a few) and some of her friends were going to school already but anytime we talked about it she said it was not for her. Then we went to visit Ali and the beautiful bunny gardens.  She very quickly fell in love and asks very enthusiastically every morning if it’s bunny gardens day – in fact so much that I am thinking of enrolling her in another day!  Ali has such a sweet and kind way about her and I am so grateful to have found the bunny gardens. – Natalie Artz, Mother of Eden, age 3.

Child (Boy) Testimonial 2012  – Mommy, there is a picture of Ms. Ali! That is Ms. Ali. I want to see Ms. Ali. Can we go see Ms. Ali?” – Shiloh Cayasso, age 2 1/2.

Child (boy) Testimonial 2012 – I like Ms. Ali. She tells us stories and she always reads us stories at story-time and when we are taking our nap. – Zyir Cayasso, age 4.