Once we have spoken over the phone, scheduled your visit and met in person, I will let you know when I need your registration forms. 

Along with some general information, here are several forms you may need to print, fill out and send in to The Bunny Gardens. Please either turn them into me or stick them in the mail (call me for my address) before your child’s first day of school.

* Registration for Ali Camp, Summer 2014 at The Bunny Gardens is now available!

* General Information for Parents

* Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan – this contains sensitive information – please email Ali for a copy, or ask for it in person.

* Child’s Record

* Policy for Administration of Medications

* Authorization to Apply a non prescription, topical skin product

* Religious Exemption Form

* Liability Insurance Declaration

PLEASE NOTE: There are special instructions for filling out the Liability Insurance Declaration– please take a look at this sample document. This is the way that the form needs to be filled out, i.e.:

1. Check Yes on the second paragraph

2. Fill out and sign the first box

3. Leave the second box blank